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Guaranteed Payday Loans UK

Looking to apply for a payday loan that you are almost assured of getting? If yes, look no further.

How are we able to offer guaranteed payday loans in the UK?

1. We have special software

We can offer payday loans to almost every UK resident aged 18 years and above with proof of income because we have software that matches borrowers to lenders who are most willing to lend them. If you meet our simple age, residency, and income eligibility requirements, you are bound to be automatically matched with a lender willing to offer you a payday. While you have to apply for every loan traditionally, our software puts your application in front of many trusted payday lenders at once increases your chances of qualifying. Our high loan application approval rate attests to this fact.

2. Well-designed application form

Our loan application process has been designed to eliminate common errors that cause most loan applications to be rejected. If you are able to submit a loan application to us, you can rest assured you will get a loan. For instance, it’s not possible to apply for a loan if you are underage or if you input loan amount requests that don’t match your income.

3. We have partnered with many willing payday loan lenders

In typical cases (when borrowing loans from traditional lenders), one loan application is seen by one lender only. We have forged partnerships with 20+ trusted UK payday loan lenders who view every loan application simultaneously. As a result, your chances of missing a loan are very slim.

4. We don’t discriminate

While most lenders look at your credit score, employment information, affordability, among other factors, such as whether you have an existing a/c. We have partnered with lenders who don’t use unemployment or credit scores as a basis for issuing/denying payday loans. If you have a source of income, reside in the UK, and you are an adult, you are almost assured of qualifying for a payday loan.

5. We understand payday loan borrowers in distress

We understand the cash urgencies of payday loan borrowers, which is why we eliminate all possible hurdles to short term financing. In some cases i.e., if you have a guarantor willing to co-sign, you don’t need to provide proof of income to get a payday loan through us. We have guarantor payday loans, which are guaranteed if you can get someone to co-sign your loan agreement.